Fighting for Democracy,
Fighting for Wakefield,
Fighting for you.

I’m the Conservative candidate for Wakefield. Before my selection was announced, my Labour opponent said, ”Will the next candidate they parachute in be any better? Don’t hold your breath”. This is my response, marking the launch of my campaign.

Click the headphones to hear me announce the start of my campaign on BBC’s Teatime Tour for Wakefield.

What do I stand for?

 I am determined to ensure that our future will be as brilliant as our past was glorious.  I believe that getting Brexit done is key to securing our future. When it comes to democratic representation, I have a simple and straightforward position – I will serve my constituents. Unlike my Labour opponent, I am not one of those fair-weather democrats who believe in democracy only when the majority agree with them and, when they don’t, claim that the people are uneducated, stupid, racist or wrong.


Wakefield’s Labour MP has betrayed the trust of the people. Despite promising in our cathedral to accept the result of the referendum, once elected she reneged on that promise, breaching her covenant with the Wakefield people .


Democracy is the basis of our society and we abuse it at our peril. It has brought us freedom, wealth and stability. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, it is essential that the result of the referendum is honoured.


A vote for my Labour opponent is a vote to put Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street. This is a man who over almost four decades, has consistently sided with the self-proclaimed enemies of both our country and our allies.


Should you chose to place your trust in me, one of my priorities will be to help heal Wakefield. Brexit has been divisive. If Wakefield and the United Kingdom are to achieve their great potential we must re-unite as a people and country again. My experience, in building bridges and reminding divided communities around the world what unites them, will give us a starting advantage as we tackle this great challenge after Brexit.

“The people voted leave, and the people are sovereign.”

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