Imran Ahmad Khan

I have spent many years fighting for democracy and freedom overseas in difficult, conflict-ridden countries, including Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia. These places are, at best, fragile democracies. In these distant and sometimes dangerous places, I often reflected on Britain and my Wakefield home. During this time, I became an even greater admirer of Britain’s democratic systems and its values of tolerance, pluralism and justice.

Three years ago, in a referendum that was the largest democratic exercise in the country’s history, the people instructed the Government to leave the EU. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s success in negotiating a Brexit deal that many thought was impossible resulted in howls of protest and indignation from the losers in the referendum and MPs who sneered at the decision of the majority.

The loudest objections come from those who, like my Labour opponent, represent an out-of-touch, smug, London-centric political class. They have done very well out of their cosy relationship with the EU and have become used to exercising their influence to suit their own narrow, selfish interests whilst paying lip service to democracy.

This General Election is the time to remind fair-weather democrats, like my opponent, that, in our democracy, the people are in charge!

The greatest attack on our democracy and our rights in living memory has come from the last Parliament, which was unwilling or unable to implement the people’s decision to leave the EU. After three years of chaos, confusion and uncertainty, the Labour Party and all losers wants more dither, more delay, and more pointless debate!

Her Majesty’s Government, headed by Prime Minister Johnson, has been deliberately obstructed at every opportunity by those opposed to honouring the instruction of the majority to get Brexit done.

You have been ignored for too long. At this election, the people of Wakefield can remind the out-of-touch political elite in London who is in charge.

Your vote matters. You matter. Unlike my Labour party opponent, I am not a professional politician. I have never stood for public office before.

I am asking you for a favour. Give me a chance. I promise you I will do my best. Use your vote, and keep our democracy safe from the nightmare of a Brexit without end and a Corbyn-led government by voting for me as your new MP.

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